Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data?

All financial statement data comes from SEC filings. It is sorted and standardized for presentation. Ratios, statistics, and other measures are derived from the standardized financial data. Certain other data, such as an insurance company's combined ratio, may be gathered from industry sources rather than SEC filings.

Why should I upgrade?

We provide free access to 10 years of financial data for most U.S.-listed stocks. Premium users can easily download all ten years of data into an Excel spreadsheet, or integrate the data into a custom Excel spreadsheet. This allows premium users to save countless hours manually entering a decade of financial data into a spreadsheet, speeding up the investment research process.

What differentiates you from competitors?

QuickFS is a no-frills, rock-bottom-price service for investors who want quick access to financial data. We exist to provide one simple service: 10 years of financial data immediately entered into your financial model. Our singular focus allows us to offer our product at the lowest price in the industry.

A stock is missing, or a field is incorrect. Can you fix this?

If you find missing or incorrect data, please contact support and we will investigate.

Why is data missing from my Excel download?

After downloading financial data, open the spreadsheet and select 'Enable Editing' to fill the sheet with data.

Can I get a refund?

A refund is available for any customer who requests one -- no questions asked.