Download 10-Year Financials for Any Stock

QuickFS was designed for financial professionals and sophisticated individual investors who rely on Excel for financial modeling. Click 'Download Financials' on any page to download all ten years of data, plus ratios and industry-specific metrics.

Download All Data in a Single Excel File

Each spreadsheet contains an overview sheet that displays the company's market capitalization, enterprise value, and valuation ratios.

Sheets 2-5 include the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, respectively.

There's also a 'ratios' tab that includes growth rates, returns, industry-specific metrics (for banks and insurers), and statistical metrics like coefficient of variation.

Insurance & Bank Spreadsheets

Insurers and banks have specialized financial statements that get their own unique spreadsheets.

For example, insurance company spreadsheets contain a tab that estimates the insurer's combined ratio and return on investments, and uses the estimates to compute an intrinsic value for the stock.

Bank spreadsheets compute unique metrics like 'Return on Loans' and 'Interest Cost of Deposits' to give investors a quick insight into the bank's historical performance.

Speed Up Your Analysis

QuickFS spreadsheets are designed to give investors and analysts a quick idea of a company's historical operating performance. There is no substitute for diligent research, but investors who use QuickFS can jump-start their research on any stock by avoiding hours of filling out spreadsheets with data from SEC filings. QuickFS puts it in your hands as soon as you want it.

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